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Maycmayco & MaserixEdit

Maycmayco & Maserix (Dvassinova & Dgressinova) is a group of Minecraft players who make roller coasters.

About UsEdit

Maycmayco & Maserix, comprised of Nakonako, Dvassinova, Onyxdawn, along with other players create roller coasters for the Minecraft game. We specialize in testing track ideas and making fun roller coasters and realistic ones that players can enjoy. Our best roller coasters include the Amarok, Defiant, Reditum, Alpengeist, Riot, and Matagot at Vast Arcadia, the Griffon on Keralis, and the Kismet at Zacharland Overseas.

Installations Edit

Vast Arcadia Edit

Roller Coasters Year Opened Notes Other
Amarok 2015 One of the most

used names in the

Maycmayco &


Reditum 2015 One of the most

themed coasters at

the park.

Riot 2015 One of the largest


built by Maycmayco

& Maserix.

Matagot 2015 First Maycmayco

& Maserix

roller-coaster ever


Awry Traverse 2015 A great multicoloured

woodie! This coaster

is a long running


Defiant 2015 Based off of the

Cheetah Hunt at

Busch Gardens


Parc de Maserix Edit

Roller Coasters Year Opened Notes Other
Amarok 2015 One of the best

custom multi launch/

lift coasters in


Greek Mythical


2015 Voted one of the

best hypercoasters

in Minecraft. One

of the only hyper-

coasters, too.

Adder Winter 2016 Under Construction

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